Outside my window there are the same roads
there are the same people walking their dogs
There's old Mr. Magazoo taking his morning walk
and stopping by our neighbor's for some small talk

There are the old houses with bolted doors
standing on our street like abandoned forts
lurking unnoticed by cars zipping by
faster than the speed of two minutes per mile

Our place is  mostly quiet at this time of the year
when most everyone seems to disappear
inside thick coats,  behind insulated walls
as chilly  wind blows and heavy snow falls

Yet on Thursday nights the sidewalk sprouts
trash bins so full they are  ready to burst
but for  the old lady pulling  a  kiddie wagon
collecting  redeemable plastic  and soda cans.

Late in the mornings, the mailman comes
by our barking dog, he is announced
delivering store fliers, bills, and junk
and the occasional boxes  from Amazon.

Oh! Spring just cannot come soon enough
to fill the ground with dandelions and buttercups
to make the air groan with the mower's roar
and return the  blossoms back in their bower.

There will be the parade of mothers, their kids in tow
to the not-so-nearby playground, they will go
passing  green-thumbed folks tending their gardens 
to plant some petunia, geranium, and impatiens.

Before then, I wait – watching the melting snow
listening to the engines throbbing as they go
With any (ill) luck, some unusual thing  occurs
such as  screaming breaks and totaled cars. 


Written for:  DVerse Poetics - Suburb Poetry


  1. I really enjoyed this it took me back to those winter afternoons, looking through the windows longingly especially when it had snowed, would someone walk by or were we alone in a wilderness of white.

  2. I am waiting for spring too ~ Yes, I see the same folks walking their dogs and doing the usual errands ~ We all have familiar routines – whether one in the suburbs or city ~ Barring anything unusual, same day or night, time passes on ~

  3. sometimes smallness of suburbia enlivens the heart too, making one feel the comfort of being near to each other…..dog walking, small talks, old lady pulling a kiddie wagon, mailman, green thumbed folks tending the beauties are the stuff of reveries to be immersed into in the bustling, noisy cities…so beautifully and lovingly sketched…

  4. What a perfect portrayal of winter in suburbia, as if the world is hibernating. The first warm Spring day, the street will spring to life with inhabitants eager for socialization…a scenario that repeats itself year after year. I enjoyed the read!

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