yellow roses on the teacups
waiting to come alive
with conversation and stories
as only friends can have
but where are the friends
who come and visit
had  time erased them
one by one
the roses faded
into the crazed porcelain
until friendly hands caress
and bring them to life again.


I bought these pieces from a vintage shop a few years back.  The rose pattern and color  made me want them the minute I saw them in the shop.  I have not used them since I got them.  They have been kept in the cupboard but they  make me glad when I catch a glimpse of them whenever I get needed items from the cupboard.  When I saw the “Yellow” prompt, I remembered them.  The roses are just what I need to fill my need to see flowers in deep winter.


4 thoughts on “ROSES ON TEACUPS

  1. Such a beautiful teacup set. They would brighten any house. Also lovely poem to go with it too. I sympathise…sometimes you wonder if some friends have simply moved on and won’t be able to appreciate your teasets at home…I wonder if they feel lonely 🙂

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