How peaceful my children   look after 9:00 p.m.   How angelic are the faces peeking out of their blankets. My heart ponders and  wish that my boys  remain the little children I tuck in at night and gaze on so lovingly. Then morning comes and with it little hellions seem to possess my  angels of the night. Chaos and yelling and bickering become the order of the day.   My sweet little boys  turn into raging bulls asserting their own will.  And I fear for the future and wonder what have I been doing wrong.  Will my boys turn out right?  And I wish, I wish I can peek into the future – just the way I skip to the latter pages of a book –  to assuage my suspense. There, I wish to  find consolation or perhaps, an insight about things I need to change in the present to change a bad future. But I only have here and now.  While I wait for the future to unfold,  I enjoy the moment, do the best I can, and hope.

Seeds go underground
growing in their own sweet time

Tiny tree

For DVERSE POET PUB’s Haibun Monday # 29   (Waiting)

6 thoughts on “A HOPE FOR THE FUTURE (A Haibun)

  1. Hi Imelda, as parents e always worry about what will become of our children and will they survive us as parents. Your kids are your kids and as long as you hang in there with them and recognise their varying talents and gifts, encourage and support them they will turn out ok….I have six adult children now and despite having me as a parent they are all ok, they still find time to talk to me and I get to travel their life journeys with them. It isn’t easy I have to say…..thanks for sharing your story through your haibun, excellent contribution this week.

  2. As the seasons change, your children will grow their own way with your love and guidance. The future is never guaranteed, so all you can do is what you said in your last line. No regrets. I did the best I could in the moment. 🙂

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