THE LAST LEAF (A Quadrille)

I’m the last leaf in the tree
why was I chosen to be alone
where’s the joy
in mornings getting colder and darker
or in robin’s songs
getting fainter and fainter
That I’m a survivor
means nothing
when each breath
only delays the inevitable

You may call me weird but when I read about survivalists, I often ask “In the event of apocalypse, what’s the point of surviving? There is beauty in going with the majority of humanity. It’s a little selfish, but the latter spares one the pain of losing everybody and dealing with a world that is markedly different from the one that was destroyed.”

DVerse Poets’ Quadrille #21 – Breath



  1. I read this literally (with the voice of a personified leaf)….beautiful. As a metaphor, it resonates strongly, being from a very small is hard to watch the inevitable, “leaf by leaf” disappear.

  2. Haunting yet delicate shot of the lone leaf. It is probably very happy to still be up there and it is taking in the beauty of the world. Sometimes staying strong is a hard thing, but it can also be rewarding 😊 Lovely shot, lovely poem. Amazing writing and photography as always.

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