I want to hear Silence
winding its way in the crowd
picking up the noise 
and zipping them  in his bag.

I would like to hear him sing
in the treetops and on the ground
accompanied only by birds
carrying their rhythm 
to the clouds.

I would love Silence
to sit with  me on the bench
tell me stories I'll never hear 
while the children screamed
and the world bickered.

It's a lovely day when Silence visits 
and wraps me in his embrace
that bathes me in tranquil currents
quickening my heartbeat
to the softness of a flower's breath
or the glorious voice of God
indwelling in my soul.

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10 thoughts on “A MOMENT WITH SILENCE

  1. I love silence, it is my friend.
    Those , like me. who are introverted – not a psychiatric condition – love the peace of solitude.
    Nevertheless, to exist in this world of ours, I have developed the charade of an extrovert me. And in this world I like to be liked and I am comfortable with this.
    Once home, I need no other.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  2. Love this poem, Imelda. Silence singing with birds and with you. It brings piece. A time to sit down and be slow…but as you said, it van quicken our heartbeat too as something lovely comes our way. In a good way ❤

  3. Silence is one of my most wanted friends. Lovely lines from you, and lovely picture. Every now and then I do love the sound of water in the brook and the joyful birds in the canopy. but silence – Silence is golden.

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