This little red caboose is part of my oldest son’s collection of trains. He used to love trains but now that he is in his tweens, he does not play with them anymore. I was aiming for the look that I see in those fabulous photos using miniature cars and such. There is so much to learn but I had fun trying. 🙂
Toys sit in the bins in disarray, moldy and sad
the hands that caressed them are never around
the mind that send them to wondrous tours
no longer turned  nor propelled  their gears
The tracks have been broken
there are no more tickets to neverland
Toys and child have reached that most dreaded time - 
the autumn of childhood has arrived
adventures that only imagination unlocked
have now been  banished to the clouds
with a child-man's sneer and some derision
Oh how quickly the little boy has grown
but while he forgets his little boy dreams
they will ever be kept by the toys in the bin.

WPC:  Tiny

6 thoughts on “LITTLE RED CABOOSE (WPC: Tiny)

  1. I remember trains can be so fun to play with. I’d always like to see if I can speed my cars faster and faster 😊 Love that poem, and toys van be great companions on days we are stuck at home 😊

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