This fall, our backyard brought us a wonderful surprise: mushrooms! In the previous years, we only had about a few mushrooms. But this year, they were literally covering a good chunk of our backyard. They grew in clusters, and sometimes, one on top of another and another.  Here I thought that they grew like umbrellas planted on a beach.  I wonder what change in weather or soil condition caused this abundance of wild mushrooms. I had to walk carefully in the affected area of the yard so that I would not step on a mushroom.
While I marveled at these fungi, I only wished I knew how to identify the edible ones. I heard that wild mushrooms can be so tasty and it would be a lot of fun to pick our own (and right in our backyard at that).

Since neither my husband and I knew a thing about fungi apart from the ones we get from the stores, I left the mushrooms alone. In time, they rotted and oh! what a smell they emitted. I blame the ugly smell for a mild allergic reaction.

The yard is clear of them now.  The frost killed the last of the mushrooms.  Having them around sure made an interesting fall landscape.

WPC:  Chaos

22 thoughts on “MUSHROOM INVASION (for WPC: Chaos)

    1. Unfortunately, I dare not venture into mushroom picking, as clueless as I am. I will need somebody truly knowledgeable with me to be able to pick out a wild edible variety. 🙂

  1. That was so much mushrooms in your backyard, Imelda. They look like little umbrellas popping up from the ground 🙂 You can never really know if they are edible or not…but they certainly are lovely to look at. Maybe they will come around again next year, knowing that you didn’t eat them up 😀

    1. I hope they do. They are pretty, except that since I am utterly clueless about mushrooms and I do not want to be adventurous (about our health and safety, those ‘shrums will be no more than visual treats). 🙂

  2. I think they are pretty in their own strange ways… 😉 I wouldn’t dare to eat mushrooms if I wasn’t sure they are not poisonous!… Sending love for the new week ahead, dear Imelda. Aquileana 😀

  3. I love mushrooms, but am too fearful to venture to pick my own, so content myself with looking and marvelling at all the different permutations while leaving them as I found them. .

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