I flew to the stars
shared the vacuum
that's their space - 
chaos bothered me.

I ran to the woods
lost the world among the trees - 
the rustling leaves
brought the world's cries to me.

I rushed to the battlefields
muzzled the guns
stopped the wars
healed some wounds
dried some tears 
still - 
peace eluded me.

I look for peace 
in the crowd
and in the silence 
of a prayer -
the disquiet within
clang in my soul.

For:  WPC:  Quest
Dverse Poets' Pub:  Open Link Night

12 thoughts on “QUEST FOR PEACE

  1. Such a lovely interpretation of the challenge, Imelda. Quest for peace. I like that. So often we are rushing around to find what makes us happy. As your poem suggests, we go far and wide, run headlong into challenges that might get the best for us…when really all we have to do is appreciate who we are inside and what we have around us. Happy weekend 🙂

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