While walking in the park two weekends ago, we found this old shoe hanging on a broken branch of a pine tree. It must have been tough finishing the trail with only one shoe on.
Someone lost a shoe while hiking in the woods
I do not know how he continued, walking over
gnarled roots and pebbles.  Did he step on a worm
or on a slug; or a deer or a bug?
What scared him so to leave his shoe behind?
A troll or a bear?  A chipmunk or a hare? 
Did the park alarm ring while he was having fun
and he had to scoot  lest his car became a pumpkin
what did he expect to find, 
a fairy looking for a husband
or she, a centaur looking for his maiden?
So far nobody claimed the sad laced-up  shoe
to find his or her love lasting and true. 


16 thoughts on “A TALE OF A HIKING SHOE

  1. I loved this! It does set one’s mind to wondering, doesn’t it, when you find an article of clothing out in the wild? Reminds me of Cheryl Strayed in “Wild” when she knocked one of her shoes off the cliff accidently. I imagine the person that found it was scratching their head and thinking about bears, haha. Thanks!

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