SWEET GRAPES (A Quadrille)

Purple grapes hang on the arbor
behind an open gate 
their scent bid me come
taste their sweetness.
I closed my eyes, savored  
the juices coating my tongue.  
"My neighbor won't see me
She isn't  around."
I  walked away
before grapes sour our   peace.

Victoria hosts Dverse Quadrille # 16 – OPEN.

16 thoughts on “SWEET GRAPES (A Quadrille)

  1. i’m entertaining
    changing the title
    of my current Macro-Verse
    per.. iSREAL Land Grapes of Joy..
    but grapes keep coming up every
    where i go.. the other one is
    sigNature sUn arE onE..
    and i muSt
    say folks
    are ratHeR
    odd about
    sharing and giving
    tHeir grapes.. sweet
    iS in that taste.. unbridLed
    by ownership as fruit of VinE..:)

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