thistle-puffWishes sat by the roadside
dejected and forlorn
they have long been waiting
for the hand to claim their own
but nobody dared come near
for wishes exact a price
many opt to hide
behind contentment's guise. 

One wish says she is Love
She looks rather old 
Her hope springs eternal
she'll find the one - free and bold
to surrender his life and will
for her to treasure and hold.

By the pond lies Wisdom
contemplating the world
In him rests counsel
forgotten and untold.
When will that one come
he -  who knows he's a fool
if he allows himself 
to be his own ego's tool?

Conspicuously absent 
are, of course, Fame and Fortune
They hardly ever rest
obliging some ambition
Often they are called
as a matter of need
to appease some desire
often masking some greed
What the dreamer doesn't know
they demand the steepest price
a truth good old King Midas
had  belatedly realized.
Ah! What  wishes disappear
where Fame and Fortune rule
blinding one to all other dreams
which can make one whole? 

for: dVerse Poets’ Poetics: Wishful Thinking. Mish wants us to write about (our) wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

22 thoughts on “WISHES

  1. A ponderous write. I love how you brought these poor wishes to life, waiting to be claimed and yes, those old fortune and fame wishes must be tired!

  2. The pursuit of fame and fortune sounds like a bit of a mug’s game. Every other dream is forgotten in pursuit of them and then even if we find them, we have no time to enjoy them, so intent are we on keeping hold of them.

  3. Wishing does take a certain amount of courage, when you think about it. Sometimes it’s easier to just put your head down and plod along. Agree with you about fame and fortune, by the way.

    1. I know. When I wrote, I was thinking about how scared I was sometimes to make wishes because wishes that come true also come with change and sometimes, responsibilities. So, I was, in a way, speaking like a scared cat. ๐Ÿ™‚

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