Mystical Moon

Sometimes, when the night is bright
while I’m drifting   between wakefulness and sleep
she’d sidle up to me and fill my head with angst
“Woe am I!” she says, “I am but the shadowy
child of the Sun and Night.”

“I have been cursed to live in the dark
and be my full self only
once in every month.
Is my Sire ashamed
that this daughter was born
when he was down so low
and blood tainted his horizon?”

“There’s  no shame in the circumstance of your birth
as in fact you are the darling of lovers and poets,”
so say I to my troubled friend, unconsolable
whenever she has these moments.
“No sooner have eyes beheld you
than they are entranced
by your silvery glow
and fair countenance.”

“Is that true, what you say? If I am as good
as you claim I am
how do you explain
men turning to wolves scarring the night
and women made mad by my so-called light?

Now, that is a bit tricky
I must think a little more
because what I’ll say
can either crush my friend
or make her soar
above her melancholy.
So in so many words
I made her see –
she is not to blame
for choices people make
their will is their own
to exercise as they like.
Should they bring good or evil
upon themselves or the world
they and they alone
must bear the punishment or reward.

The night is closing
my friend is almost serene
accepting of the fate
that she’s been given
But our dialogue
never ends with the dawn
she’ll come visit again
when she is full
of the world and is forlorn.
As her face fades
in the breaking morn
“So long, Gaia,” she’d say
I’d reply, “So long, Moon.”

Written for Grace Moon-Muse prompt for DVerse's Poetics.  This piece was meant to be utterly cheeky and silly, but lack of words towards the second half led to a more serious tone. :-)


  1. I so enjoyed the conversation between the earth and the moon. Indeed, it is our choice to do good or evil. The moon indeed is the darling of poets and lovers Imelda. Thanks for joining in!

  2. I’ve always thought of the dark/light relationship between the sun and moon, but including the earth is a new take that has opened a whole new line of thought. I know that space in between and she whispers to me too.

  3. I love this. Generally, I’m not to taken by fantasy and myth unless I’m able to detect an underlying meaning and with this one it seems easy to read on multiple levels. The relationship between earth and the moon bears reflection.

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