August comes with a warning –
You see it in the leaves turning
in the middle of summer
Fall’s shadow appears;
it is in the flowers dying
in the sad news I heard
of friends and loved ones leaving
Life is changing
and August comes with a warning
perhaps to prepare our souls
for joy or pain,
who knows?
One thing is certain –
all things end
and sorrow greets each severed attachment.
Should we stay the Hand of Providence
tell it to withold what it ought to give
should we pass on the chance
of happiness as to avoid shedding tears?
people come
people go
flowers bloom and wither
Summer does give way to Fall
Fall to Winter
The heart finds joy even
in the bleakest moments
While we settle in
August comes again
and it is not the same.


This was began in the middle of August when I noticed an leaf turning.  My first reminder of the coming Autumn.  Since then, I have heard some news of friends being terminally ill, of our parish priest being re-assigned, etc.  I am glad I was able to finish this piece before August ended.


  1. I’ve come back to visit this post a handful of times. It makes me feel the melancholy of fall and brings to mind a deep feeling inside. Beautiful words. Thank you for sharing…

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