According to superstition, a child would not grow if he laid on the ground and let a cloud cross over him. That did not bother my cousins and I when, during our summer reunions, we would watch clouds while lying down on the spiky grass covering our grandparent’s yard. We would chitchat,  tease one another, and giggle until we itched from the grass or the sun got  too hot.  Although most of my cousins from my father’s side lived in other provinces, they normally visited on the feast days  of our patron saint  and during major family celebrations.  I have not been to family gatherings  for many years  now.  Many of my cousins and I  now live all over the world. A couple have even passed on.  Meanwhile, all of us had  aged but none could boast about being  tall.

White clouds on blue skies
Flock of sheep led to pasture
Dispersed by the wind


Toni Spencer hosts DVerse’s Haibun Monday:  The Sky is the Limit

13 thoughts on “CLOUDS PASSING BY

  1. SMiles.. i suppose
    that tales a tall
    of arid
    as clouds less
    high.. noW..


    i understand
    it works the sAMe
    with drOught and floWers..

    from Struggle..

    Beauty TaLLs
    noW off

  2. Wonderful memories. And smiling I am at all of us have aged but none of us are tall. We have “cousins’ week’s” within our family – and this reminds me that each time we gather, we are making memories for this younger generation.

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