Dancing to music

playing only in her head

until her babe sleeps

enveloped in her embrace

sanctuary of love and dreams


Toni hosts Meeting the Bar over at Dverse. ย The Form is Tanka.


23 thoughts on “MOTHER’S DANCE”

  1. This is a lovely poem. I used to rock my children to sleep when they were young too. It’s a happy memory for me. Getting up two and a half hours later to change their diaper, not so much.

    1. Apart from my husband, I see a lot of dads (in CHurch) takin gcare of their babies and they are so uplifting to see. Happy are the kids with dads like you and them. SOmetimes, I prefer changing diapers because the job is quick. WHen you rock a child to sleep, you are not sure when he will actually sleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

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