HOMEGROWN FOOD (52 Weeks Photo Challenge-Week 2)

I did not plan to do a lot of gardening this year.  Fresh from surgery and with a young infant, I did not think I had the time and strength to tend a garden.  However, habit and enthusiastic children would not allow our little garden to be completely idle this season.


When the right time came for planting (mid-May in our case) came, my family and I trooped to the nursery to buy a dozen and a half  tomato plants,  a six-pack of  green peppers, and a six-pack of kale.   Though I did not relish the idea of cleaning kale leaves, I bought some kale plants anyway because I thought we needed green vegetables on the table. kale

In the meantime, my eldest son found some old lettuce seeds lying around in the house and decided to sprinkle some on the  raised bed.  He also  found some potatoes shooting roots in the pantry.  He sliced up the potatoes and planted two of the shoots.


Last week, we harvested our first batch of tomatoes.  I got 6 quarts of peeled tomatoes some of which have been turned to sauce.  I will make canned salsa and tomato sauce out of the ripening ones in the garden.  Meanwhile, my eldest, with the help of his father and younger sibling, dug out the potatoes.  He got a bunch from his two potato plants and needless to say, was quite proud of his work.  As for the kale, I have collected more than 3 quarts worth of leaves and indeed have spent some tedious time cleaning and chopping leaves.   And I will be spending some more tedious time in the coming days.  Finally, three green peppers are waiting to mature.  They suffered most from my lack of care this year.

potato boyGardening can be hard and time consuming.  But the joys (and the produce it yields) are priceless.


8 thoughts on “HOMEGROWN FOOD (52 Weeks Photo Challenge-Week 2)

  1. How wonderful that your children are enjoying this. My daughters helped for a time then turned to other activities thinking I was off my rocker for putting in all that work. They do enjoy the results, though and at least one has a garden of her own now that she has her own family.

    1. Ah, my children need to be prodded to help in the garden. Now that they are more capable, they are tasked to collect the grass cuttings and putting them around the plants as mulch. We still do not let them weeds on their own though. I shudder to think what they can pull out. Right now, they only like the look but not the taste of our produce like peppers. Anyway, like your child, I hope they find in gardening something that they can enjoy and be proud of.

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