WoodsI stood in the shadows, still as a rock
Oh, please, please be quiet, my nervous heart
my ears prick up for the slightest sound
what? what could be that pounding on the ground?

What startled the partridge squawking as they flew
It must be getting closer, closer to my view
The soughing of the wind has never been this ominous
The air carried the scent of something quite dangerous

The rustling of leaves brought me on the edge
“But it is not the season,” said a voice in my head
my instinct screamed – I have to run
soon my hooves echoed on the moss covered ground

into the shelter of the deep dark forest
away! away from the approaching footsteps
before the hunter could aim and take a shot
from a gun or camera, I would rather know not.


I wrote this piece originally with DVerse’s What Are You Afraid Of prompt. However, this was not about my own fear so I  did not link this up in the prompt.  This cheeky piece sees its day in DVerse’s Open Link Night instead.


12 thoughts on “OH, DEAR!

  1. Magnificent … Love the hard truth conveyed from this perspective – especially as we seek to protect and draw public awareness to respect wildlife especially on this day – World Elephant Day – thank you

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