I met him with a luggageful of warnings. “He could be a psycho!” was my friends’ almost unanimous fear when I told them that I would meet the man I met online who happened to be from the other side of the world. After a year of extensive e-mails and expensive phonecalls, we agreed to finally meet in person. I would fly for 21 hours while he would drive 12 hours  to get to our meeting place. To appease my friends (and the little scared voice within), I did check the information he gave me against those independently available online, memorized the emergency number (9-1-1!), and arranged to meet in my brother’s apartment in Delaware.

The hour of our meeting approached. It was on a snowy December night. I parked myself on the couch by the window overlooking the road. I jumped at the sight of passing headlights. A lot later than expected, a car parked in front of our door. The door was opened before the doorbell rang. Outside stood a handsome, clean-shaven youth, cold inside his grayish woolen sweater. “Where is your stuff?” I managed to squeak after I regained my breath.

We spent two weeks together during which time, I learned that he was definitely not a murderer but, to my tastebuds’ consternation, I also learned that he was quite adept at using leftover turkey (mostly as soggy turkey rice). Meanwhile, he learned that I could not cook to save myself and that I was shorter than he thought. He gave me a ring anyway.

Sheltered butterfly
warm inside binding cocoon
foreordained  to fly


 DVerse’s Haibun Monday:  A Little Romance.  Jump into the pub for some romantic takes.



  1. Another success for online dating, turning into a real life love story. I am smiling at the end Imelda. Good for you and your hubby to accept each other – cheering you guys all the way!!!

  2. Wonderful. We online daters are amazing. And he gave you a ring anyway! I hope the love has grown deeper and that both of you have learned to cook. This is a delightful haibun.

    1. Thanks, Toni. 🙂 Oh, I did learn to cook one way or the other. And I’d like to say that love has grown deeper – we are into our 13th year of marriage and 5th child. 🙂

  3. Oh my, you had me at the first sentence. “I met him with a luggageful of warnings.” ~ I love this line! ❤ And I love it even more that he gave you the ring anyway. 😀 ❤

  4. Meanwhile, he learned that I could not cook to save myself and that I was shorter than he thought. He gave me a ring anyway.

    smiling to these lines…….nice one there.

  5. Online Love.. a world
    of words over flesh and blood..
    a world with so much time to get
    to kNow more than flesh and blood..
    pen pals first.. lovers long after..
    and even
    partners stArting
    with words..
    sMiLes.. by
    should be
    a poet..
    i suppose..
    online has its perks..

    Coffee of
    Words oF on EliNe Love..:)

  6. Cheering loudly here!! You’ll have to stop by and read my haibun since we definitely have something in common.
    Adorable story. Thanks for sharing!

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