In Roger Williams Zoo in Providence, RI is an exhibit dedicated to Marco Polo’s adventures.  A prototype of the ship that he used for his voyages was on exhibit.  I do not know how accurately it represented thee ship.  If it did, then the cargo hold of the ship would have been too narrow and small ship  for all the loot that Marco Polo had to bring back to his king.  If the actual ship was bigger,  would it have been big enough to contain all of the riches that Marco Polo laid his eyes on?

“Stored below, you can see some of the spices, fabrics, and other treasures Marco Polo collected on his journey,” so says the notice on the wall.

the endless ocean

always big enough to hold

avarice’s excess

WPC:  Narrow

9 thoughts on “MARCO POLO’S SHIP (WPC: Narrow)

  1. Lovely to get a glimpse of what Marco Polo’s ship might have looked like. It could have been much more bigger back in the day and so he was able to carry around his possessions around with him 🙂 Or maybe he has secret storage space in his boat and that was never discovered 😀

    1. My bet is on auch bigger ship, too, or else the ship would have a much more difficult time at sea.

      Silly me, I was not paying attention to the literature accompanying the exhibit. 😱

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