I AM (a Quadrille)

While I was walking this morning, I happened by what I thought was a broken piece of glass (which could have been a tinted eyeglass). I was about to walk by when I noticed that it reflected me. So I took this shot.

I am sunshine
I am rain
I am laughter
I am pain
I am contradiction
walking between heaven and hell.
I am my cross
I am my gift
I am the oppressor
I fight to be free.
I am hard won victory over me.


A self-portrait Quadrille for DVerse

37 thoughts on “I AM (a Quadrille)

  1. Late to the final readings here — I’ve been off grid in the Andirondacks since Wednesday. Just back to my own coffee and an internet connection. So glad to read your poem here and to see this stellar photo. The idea of your image in a cast of eye glass lens, surrounded by the grass, stones, earth….and then the repetition of the words “I am” while seeing you in the “eye” — just a superb juxtapositioning. The final line shows the fierceness, the independence, the will. We are all like nesting dolls, right? Experiences built on experiences….and we all are the finders of who we are to the outside world in that final layer….knowing deep within, the other sides.
    Beautifully done.

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