Claudia Schoenfeld – Artist; used with permission in connection with DVerse Poets’ Pub’s Sevenling Prompt. Please click on the photo to visit the site.

A sleepless mother, a crying child
a halting lullaby escaping sealed shut lips
working through the night.

On a hot sultry day,
a videoke blared above the din
of barking dogs and grimy children.

Hope sings.

13 thoughts on “MUSICAL SEVENLING

  1. videoke….ha…that was a new word to me…i like it.

    the sounds of life…the children and the dog. when i was in nepal i would sit on the porch in the morning and listen to the world come alive at 4 am and drink tea. the kids would start to leave for school…the dogs def came first waking us all up…the roosters….the pigs….the cows…they all bring hope to me.

  2. The last line just sings. Videoke – new one to me too and I like it and the thoughts of it. I love it when morning begins. Around here it gets all quiet and then, the birds begin their morning clatter and from the distance, you can hear the sound of traffic on the highway beginning. This is just such an excellent sevenling. She works so hard but sings with hope. Beautiful.

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