This journey
from myself to you
is the hardest thing.
A slave is his master’s
as I am my will’s.
What can I give
when I am not free
to give myself fully.
I need to die
leave my self behind
to live love.


I am glad dVerse is back after a brief hiatus.   Even though I do not (and cannot) participate in all of its prompts, knowing that the pub is open is comforting.  Here is my entry to its Quadrille prompt – Journey. 


15 thoughts on “JOURNEY

  1. I think that is the toughest journey, to leave oneself behind for another journey. I am not sure that a lot of people can make that, but great love can be a motivation.

    Thanks for joining us Imelda in our 5th celebration!!!

  2. all too often true. we must die to ourselves
    in order to truly love. letting go of our own selfish desires.
    sadly, too few get that. but we have to ensure
    it of ourselves.

  3. A lot of wisdom in your words. I don’t believe we can embark on journeys with others until we embark on our own.
    Re: dVerse…we are happy to see you whenever you can join us!

  4. So glad you joined us and any time you visit is a good visit! I agree with Victoria about the lines she chose. We truly must make the journey I think from ourselves to another – whether lover, friend, child, in order to be complete.

  5. Sometimes it’s difficult to let go of the parts of ourselves that need to die so we can learn to live. To step out of our comfort zone. Very thought-provoking piece!

  6. It’s the leaving behind our ego selves that make us cling to what we want instead of looking at the “we” of a couple. It takes fortitude to do that.

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