I sat my baby on the playmat so that he could play and I could be relieved from carrying him. I took the chance to take some pictures while I let him play with my bracelet. I noticed a sliver of light coming in from the window and I positioned him in the spot hit by the light so that part of him would be lit up and part would be in shadows. The light showed the details I wanted to focus on.

To My Sons

If I could sear in my memory
every second of your life
I would. Then I will be able to tell you
every little detail that will make you smile
in their remembrance –
how you cried the first time
you beheld a world outside the womb
the day your coos turned into words
or the time when your little legs learned to stand
and take the first of many steps
then break into a run
How great it will be to remember
each of your smiles and gestures
between each milestone you achieved
which brought us some joyful grief.
But either our days are not enough
to contain the memories
or the moments fly by without being noticed
as we go through our everyday madness
I forget.
Though there is much I do not recall
I will always remember
the feel of your little hands in mine
and the unexplainable joy
whenever you curl in my arms.
These, these memories and more
to you I give
a treasure trove of love
to see you through
in your life’s journey.


WPC: Β Details

29 thoughts on “MOMENTS (for WPC: DETAILS)

  1. Beautiful poem about your sons, Imelda. It is very touching, and I like how honest you are when you say you cannot remember every moment. But though we might forget what happened, sometimes the feeling stays with us… Glad many of the milestones live in your heart every day. That is love πŸ™‚

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