It was as if horses
were pounding on the roof
the way the rains fell.
They flattened the grass
muddied the fields
broke tender shoots.
Soon the gray clouds were spent
sunlight broke through
and colors spilled across the skies.
The earth stood still.


for DVerse’ Quadrille prompt #11 (Spill)



  1. Love the explosion of color and sound that these words bring. We have those kinds of rain here in Southern Nevada sometimes, and I love them. LOVE “The earth stood still.”

    • I perfectly understand. 🙂 As I have often told my children, they have eaten my brain. My husband often wonders at my incomplete (to say the least) sentences.

      How cool! I would not have noticed the number of likes if you had not pointed it out. Thanks for visiting – I know a big chunk of the likes is from you. I appreciate that very much. 🙂

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