I have seen the abandoned house during one of my walks in the summer of last year. This morning, I walked the same route looking for things to photograph. I already knew about the rambling red house, but today, I noticed the old mailbox bearing the faded numbers and half covered by spring flowers and foliage.   My husband, who grew up in the same neighborhood, later told me that the house used to be owned by the person who sold to my in-laws the property where they live. Afterwards, the same seller sold the red house and surrounding area to a couple who operated a strawberry farm. About ten years ago, the couple parted ways and the house deteriorated after that.



Each year, the grass creeped a little closer
the branches grew a little longer

It seemed

the lawnmower became a little weaker
the chainsaw a little duller
the farmer napped a little longer

on the chair by the window

he watched

mildew invade the once pristine walls
the fields disappear into hay
the seasons change

One spring day
the branches finally knocked on the windows
the grass stood at the door

It opened no more.


For WPC:  Numbers


  1. Lovely poem written, while you also photographed a special and beautiful inspiration in this mailbox. The stories this tells with sweet vines of honeysuckle grow around the mailbox. 🙂

    1. So that’s honeysuckle. I did not associate the name with the flower until I read your comment. If only for that, my million thanks. 😊

      This place must have had a great garden. I saw bleeding hearts growing close to the road.

  2. Bit of a sad poem. Hopefully one day the place behind the mailbox comes alive again. You never know. Someone might just walk by and find the house fascinating and give it a makeover. Enjoy the summer and your walks, Imelda 🙂

    1. It will be nice to have people in the area. It is located in a rather small town. Last I heard, there are only some 600 residents there. Not too many people live there since it is a rural place in Maine.

  3. How sad that the house has been so neglected for so many years. I think I’ll have to send my hubby over there when he’s finished this one. 🙂 I really enjoyed your sympathetic poem, Imelda.

    1. I think your husband will up the market value of this old house. What talent he has! 🙂
      oh, and thank you for the kind words, Sylvia.

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