We waited for the green grains to turn gold

in the surrounding rice fields

we fashioned flutes out of rice stalks

made music until our cheeks ached

Houses now sit on the fields

We have left our childhood behind

and, maybe, not much besides.


For DVerse’s  Quadrille.




    • It was a lot of fun to do. What we did was to get a reasonably big and rounded stalk and then press the side close to one of the holes to make slits. When that is done, we blow on the reed and make sounds – just a couple of notes.

  1. Smiling I am…..remembering holding blades of wide grass between my hands, holding them up to my lips, and blowing. Thank you for that childhood memory. I must try it again!

  2. RooT oF oUr LoVe
    iN aLL SAnds anD
    AgeS oF SoULs iN
    GRains hOldinG
    IS A
    NoW A
    aS TRee oF LiFe..
    And trUly thE tooLs
    wE maKe haVe bEcoMe
    morE oF uS tHan LiFE mY
    FriEnd So leT’s Go bAck noW..
    sHed thE clotHes Of culTure..
    aNd noW
    DancE SinG
    Free iN SAnds
    oF MounTain Love..:)

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