At the beach
Without the people, this photo will be a rather ordinary view of sand, sand dunes, and sky. The beachgoers made the place come alive with their activities. On the other hand, the place encouraged the people to come alive in ways they never do in their everyday lives.

On fine August days
the beaches are full
of bodies seeking refuge
from everyday.

There they dream
of fairy tales and such
and build castles
though they know the sea
will sweep them away.
Yet they build
again and again
with laughter in their tears.
And they hope.
Life –
they learn.

There, on a fine day
kites would fly. High!
Troubles would drift
with the ebbing tides.
Souls would be lost
inside their dream
until the setting sun
chased their shadows home.

And the sand  on their skin
would tell –
“everything was real.”


WPC:  Landscape

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