rainy leaf-mono
November and falling leaves make me sad.  Somehow, they always make me think of endings, which I generally do not want, unless, of course, it is an ending to something unpleasant.  Last November, the general sadness was heightened by pregnancy hormones.  At that time, I felt I lost interest in everything as most of my energy, physical and otherwise, went into forming that little human growing inside me.  Now, I am looking at Spring and my baby is a chubby 7-month old.  I am in a much better disposition. 


I am a fallen leaf

time had worn me out

parasites left my skin pockmarked

with holes and such

I am consumed

My thirst, I cannot quench

but for the comfort

of dew and rain

there is that constant longing

what’s to become of me

I have nothing to give

but those pieces

not yet claimed by earth.


WPC:  State of Mind

DVerse Poets:  Meeting the Bar

24 thoughts on “DESPAIR

  1. Good to hear you are feeling better, Imelda. Sometimes life is tough, but then there are always better times ahead. Love this shot. Holes and water droplet…symbolic of endings and new beginnings. Wonderfully done 🙂

  2. This poem has such a poignant tone – somber and aching…so beautiful. As a mom, your notes resonate with me as well…months gone by make such a big difference in disposition. 🙂

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