Winter Road

We are having a very mild winter so far.  Today, we have a high of 48 degrees F.  The sun is bright and the grass is green.  In a region that is normally covered with snow at around this time, I heard the sound of lawnmowers  several weeks back, i.e., before we had our first major snow storm sometime in late January.  These pictures were taken on the morning after the storm.  A week later, we had our coldest temperature to date – minus 8 degrees.  That froze the ponds and the surface of small bodies of water around us overnight but the 50 degree weather we had the following days immediately thawed the ice.

Winter Woods

I am not complaining though.  Winter is my least favorite season.  I do not like being cold all the time.  I do not like bundling up each time I need to step out of our house.  I am fully a child  of the tropics after all.  I know the snow is quite beneficial to us.  It assures a steady water supply in our region.  But even without the snow, our area did not want for any water.  What did not fall as snow came as rain.  We had so much rain that water seeped into our basement walls and floor.

Sometime in December, I wrote a short poem to remember the relative warmth of the season –

December Spring

How green the grass is
in December, the sparrows want for nothing
to eat. Rose buds cling to the bush
biding their time to open
The flowering trees are plump
with the blossoms of spring
when the snow comes
what rude awakening.

There have been some years when winter seemed to make up for lost time. I remember a year when temperatures in May hovered around the twenties and the soil remained frozen. I remember getting so antsy because I could not begin planting and hardly any bulb was breaking through the ground. Will winter make up for its absence this time? If it does, I hope it does so soon as to let spring reign in its proper time.


4 thoughts on “THE DAY AFTER (WPC: Seasons)

  1. Sounds like a mild winter you are having, and hopefully the burst of cold weather moves along soon. We are having a warm summer here in Australia, and I am not complaining 🙂

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