all is quiet
nothing stirred
the senses are wanting
the scent of roses
the golden sunbeams
the song of birds
have left
a vacuum
nothing stirred
all is quiet
featureless grey.


What is lack of inspiration/boredom is a room?  Here is my take on DVerse’s Poetics prompt for today.


22 thoughts on “EMPTY

    1. Hi, Grace. Thanks for dropping by. I am well, just a little busy with a little baby. He, and his four brothers, make sure there is no time for thinking and such. 🙂

  1. I love this line: “the senses are wanting”

    What you did with the three repeated lines was very effective and evocative.

    The closing line speaks of aging and death as well as sorrow and emptiness.

    Well done. Shorter pieces are my favorites; I find them to be more powerful.

    1. Thanks, Em, for dropping by and for the comment. Your words make me see the piece in a different light. And, if you did not mention it, I would not have noticed that I repeated three, instead of just two, lines. 🙂

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