One of the buildings that made an impression on me when my family and I visited Albany, NY was the Department of Education Building.  It was a long, relatively low building that appeared to be help up high by a long row of the most ornate of Greek columns, the Corinthian Column.

Below is a closeup of the capital with its intricate carvings and design.  Looking towards the background, you can see the relief on the ceiling, while above,  you can see hints of the elaborate relief that  decorate the cornice.  (Please pardon me if I am not able to name the parts accurately. 🙂  )

Corinthian column2

Here is a full view of the shaft and the base of the columns.  Don’t they look elegant? 

Corinthian columns

I tried to take a photo of the facade of the building.  However, parts of it, towards the right, is blocked by the massive (and equally ornate) State Capitol.   I had to crop this photo drastically just to get a closer look at the building.

Department of Education

In case you are curious about the State Capitol, here it is, too.

State Capitol.

The building on the far left is the Department of Education’s.




  1. Beautiful columns, Imelda. Great shots, and you framed them beautifully. In high school, I remember my art teacher taught us a bit about Corinthian architecture – hard to replicate as the designs are very intricate 🙂

  2. beautiful – they look very much like the Corinthian columns i saw on a visit to Ephesus, Turkey, earlier this year. those long-ago architects certainly had a sense of style that was both functional and attractive, and it is nice to see the style emulated here. so different from how buildings are constructed nowadays. thanks for sharing.

    1. I know. I was surprised to see that building in NY. I agree with you that many modern buildings do not have the grace and grandeur of the old ones.

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