Beyond these gates was an enchanted forestFaire-entrance

full of people having a grand time.
Faire people

Interesting folks inhabited the woods.  They filled it with music –

death defying acts – acrobats

wire act


and heroism and courage.Dueling Knights It was a place to meet interesting people:  knights sweltering in late September heat –

Winter Knightsa queen and her ladies-in-waiting relaxing under the shade of an oak tree –
Chatting Ladies


-vendors whose welcoming smiles lend charm to their goodies.Smiling Vendor

There were souvenir shops where one could buy medieval themed products.  pottery


There were rides and other entertainments for the young and old.  Ride

pirate ship


Closing time came too quickly, but not before my children snagged their favorite souvenir – a wooden sword for each one.  I took as many digital (and mental pictures) as I can.  As we plodded our way back to our car, tired and exhausted, I exclaimed several times how much of a great time I had.  Perhaps, next year, we will be in this extraordinary place again.


WPC:  Extraordinary

5 thoughts on “NOT YOUR USUAL FAIRE (WPC: Extraordinary)

  1. I went to a renaissance festival here once. It’s like a different world. Thanks for sharing the photos from your visit… I’m sure you had more fun than those wearing heavy costumes 🙂

  2. We have a Renaissance Festival in Ohio every autumn. Quite a grand and exciting event over a few weekends. 🙂 Glad you and children had fun and bought fun souvenirs of wooden swords.

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