AUTUMN QUEEN (for WPC: Monochromatic)

Autumn Queen

The Queen comes on the wings of a summer’s day
unheard, unseen, she marches to her throne
yet the breeze pays homage to her regal steps
with kisses tempering the sun’s fiery glow.

Sprites wake from their slumber and spray
the woods with rubies and gold
while fruits ripen and perfume the air
with a burst of flavors, subtle and bold.

Light dims and shadows grow
a hush muffles the merrymakers’ merriment
while her court revels in the splendor of her touch
before she lulls it to its awaited rest.


About the picture:  I saw this lady gracefully stepping, barefoot, on the hot grounds of the King Richard’s Renaissance Faire in Carver, MA.  I was taken by her grace and beautiful costume so I followed her and took some shots.  Unfortunately,  my photos did not turn out well – this is the best I could have.   I am still shy about taking pictures of random people (even when they are in costume and obviously are part of the fair, in this case).  A tripod would have served me well, too. She reminded me that indeed Autumn is just around the corner.


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