Lady with a Basket

Such a good woman

am I?  I have no quarrel

with anybody


My days are peaceful

I’m mad at none.  I’m alone

But how good is that?



      • Hi, Mabel. Thanks.
        You know, I tried to leave a comment on your latest blog about why you did not pursue a career in the Australian media. Unfortunately, I could not post my comment. The post button was not there.

        Anyway, I am sorry that you did not get the full credit for your work. I can only think that the network lost a gem in you. I hope you do not get discouraged by these things. With the talent you have, I am sure you will find your niche one day soon. 🙂

      • Aw, no 😦 What a pity. I just checked and the comment box and post comment button are there. Don’t know what happened, but perhaps it was a WordPress issue.

        I am glad I did the internship as it sort of led me to where I am today in terms of writing. There is a silver lining to every cloud,as the saying goes.

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