For this challenge, I am sharing some photos of students in between classes. The pictures were taken in December. I was getting winter tired by then and did not have the spunk to post photos that had to do with snow. Considering that the temperatures hereabouts are already starting to sizzle, I thought that the OFF -SEASON theme gives me the perfect chance to share this little tidbits of student life. 🙂
Texting 1IpodTexting 2lunch

Little Red Texting Hood3


And last, here is something that does not belong to the group but I am including nonetheless just because it is out-of-season –


though shopping never really goes off-season, or does it? 🙂

Thanks for coming by.  Happy weekend.





  1. Brilliant take on the challenge, Imelda. Love the cheeky twist to it at the end too. Every day is a good day for shopping 😉 Hope it doesn’t get too hot there where you are. If it does, treat yourself to a cool drink. It’s winter over here in Australia. I could use some of your sunshine now 🙂

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