Where are the roads that brought me home
those that turned to muck when it rained?
Where are the fields that let my eyes
see far into the horizon?
Could I be   lost? This is not home.
“Progress came,” said the old folks, proud
of their big houses and built-in fields
while new faces goggled at mine.



After a long spell, I am glad to join the Pub party again.

Linking with DVerse Poets’ Pub’s Poetics:  of the Road




  1. Glad to see you back – and even progress has it’s price doesn’t it – we give up something the farther we move from the land. Hope everything is well there.

  2. Ah.. the house of nature
    will never be destroyed
    by those who love their
    greaTEST Mother of ALL..
    but then there are the others
    the snakes without a heart..
    who live for a life so far
    away from SOIuLS love..:)

  3. So lovely to read you again ~ I have mixed emotions of those homecoming – happy yet sad at the same time ~ Home now resides in my memories ~ Have a good week Imelda ~

  4. I grew up in Seattle, then spent a decade in California. Returning to Washington state I chased ghosts for a time before settling down in the South Sound & rebuilding Home.

  5. A freeway was constructed where my grandparents’ old neighborhood was ..one can recognize only a few familiar details, but mostly it’s as if it was never there…but I know and remember it well.

  6. I enjoyed this a lot. It is strange how we don’t notice changes when they are right around us, but if you leave and come home again after a long absence everything is different. Peace, Linda

  7. It is heartbreaking to see “progress” take away from your familiar territory and childhood memories. The field I used to play in as a child is now a subdivision. Always makes me sad when I see it.

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