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Spring will come
the snow will thaw
tulips will bloom
all in good time.


We are experiencing some serious winter.  Sometimes, I feel discouraged by all the gray around me.  Right now, this is how our place looks like – Blizzard morning

The above photo shows our sideyard.  Here is our backyard –

blizzard backyard

And here is our front yard –

front yard

I took the above pictures on a Sunday afternoon after our fourth major winter storm.  If some melting happened between Sunday and this morning, it has been promptly replaced by the  2-3 inch snow that fell during the day.   I think snow is spitting as I am making this post.   As you can tell, snow is not my friend right now especially since it did not even bother to let me finish shoveling our pavement before it started falling again.

Still, our New England winter is not always like this.  Last year we got less snow that this and the storms were polite enough to allow a lot of melting before they visited us again.  I guess, one can never tell with the weather. 🙂



  1. Am feeling your pain however, your house and yard does like rather whimsical all blanketed in snow – may your thaw come quickly, painlessly and without a lot of slush! 🙂

  2. Sorry you are so snowed under… even more than we have in Ontario .. at least the part I’m in. We have bitter cold but not overwhelming snow… Try to imagine the lovely pictures and poems that will likely be forthcoming from this experience… I hope you don’t have any more at least for a very long while… Diane

  3. That is a lot of snow, so sorry to hear that. It must be very cold and hard to get around. Spring is just around the corner, hang in there. Although it’s summer in Melbourne, it’s been very grey and cold, so we symphatise with you 🙂 Lovely shot of the tulips. A touch of spring right there for you ❤

  4. Oh my goodness, Imelda! You’ve really got more than your fair share of snow this winter. Love your title and the tulips. Hang in there; the bad weather can’t last too much longer. Spring always comes eventually. 🙂

  5. Beautiful the snow is in your photos Imelda (and your tulips and poem beautiful) but I can tell you are more than ready for spring to arrive! I hope the snow melts soon…not long now hopefully 🙂

  6. Hi Imelda–reconnecting from 2 new blogs/names. Your work is every bit as beautiful as I remember; and I’m so sorry for the hideous winter you all have had. We had just the briefest bit early on, maybe a week at most–and since then it’s been various phases of spring–I’m totally spoiled! What made me think of you, particularly, is that I’m doing the d’Verse challenges–which you had encouraged me to join in, last year I think. That, and your gorgeous floral photos. Anyway, hello–and God bless you and your family. (You can call me Alba or Lerene–the other blog–doesn’t matter to me!)

    • Hi Alba. Thanks for dropping by and thank you for remembering me. I have not been participating in dVerse lately. I don’t know – the words just disappeared and then I got lazy.
      We have been having a spring spell until the snow came yesterday of all days. I am glad you are participating in dVerse. It is such a lovely group. I need to catch up with everybody. 🙂

  7. Bravo! Bring on the spring, the budding flowers, green blades of grass and warmer temperatures. We had a few more inches of snow last night and spring seems forever in the distance. Thanks for sharing your artwork. 🙂

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