He loved his baby brother at first sight in that hospital room where we waited for the family to visit. He held his brother with as much care as his two year old arms could give. He was fascinated by the tiny body squirming out of his lap.
How much fun they have growing up together. He teaches his baby brother all the skills a little boy
should know. The younger one learns quickly. They love playing with each other. They want to take a nap together. Sometimes, I let them. Often, I would sneak into their room to check if they did fall asleep and I would find them under the blanket wiggling and whispering to each other. How they giggled whenever I pulled the blanket to reveal their mischievous faces.

Brothers3Of course, it is not all fun and roses with these two (and the other two who are not in the photos).  They could bicker all day and tell on each other.  They make each other cry and scream.   Yet even then, I know that they love each other as deeply as only brothers can.


For WPC:  Depth

18 thoughts on “BOND OF BROTHERS (WPC: Depth)

  1. This is so gorgeous, Imelda. I love the first photo. Reminds me of when my granddaughter Taylor arrived and her little sister Sienna got to hold her for the first time. How blessed you are with your children. 🙂

  2. Beautiful interpretation of this week’s challenge. At the end of the day, love prevails, because there’s nothing like the effect and power of love. They sure have lots of memories growing up 🙂

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