Broken swallowtail

Serenity is a butterfly
flying on wings
broken and torn
or  the sparrows  flolicking
through sun, or snow, or storm.


Could it be the elderly lady
who lives next door
and carries the weight of old age
with poise and good humor?

Ah, it must be a child
untouched by worldly cares
and still wrapped in Innocence’s
protective embrace.

Perhaps it is that man
kneeling in prayer
basking in the peace
of God, his Maker.

Serenity is grace
amidst the vicissitudes of life
and trusting that all things
have their  place
before Eternity’s eyes.

Praying Hand

WPC:  SERENITY (the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled)

16 thoughts on “SERENITY IS (WPC: Serenity)

  1. Beautiful interpretation of serenity. So touching. The close-up of the sparrow is my favourite. It’s a bit fuzzy, but I love how the sparrow looks like it might have just woke up – annoyed that it got woken up 😀

  2. So beautiful Imelda, your photos and your poem capturing the blessing of serenity in the every day and so often missed in this busy world. Just lovely.

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