ExisTENce (for DVerse)

Long walk
Please hover over the photo to clear the misty effect. 🙂 Thanks.

Here are my ten-word poems for DVERSE’s Meeting the Bar: one, two, three…tenWord prompt.

To a soaring eagle
things down below
are but dots.


How man expends
his life for glories
erased by time.


The present is dying
the world has aborted
her future.


Subject to none,
but by his ego
he was enslaved.

15 thoughts on “ExisTENce (for DVerse)

  1. Time is even a bigger tyrant & I agree with that last one ~ A big ego is a terrible master ~
    Nice play on the title too~
    Have a good week Imelda ~

  2. I like the sense of perspective – even (or especially) when the message is far from comforting.

    1. Brian did comment that that piece could be read in several ways. I was thinking of of being able to soar above worldly concerns when I wrote the piece. When I read it again, I did see its less than comforting meaning. 🙂

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