A hush fell in the room the second I walked in
eyes stared at me as though they saw a ghost
then frenzied words spilled from shocked mouths
stuttering to acknowledge my presence
and cover up the screaming silence that greeted me.
My heart hammered in my chest
while I wondered at what had been said
Suspicion rushed through my veins
Can I trust these so called friends?
Should I ask? Chances are, I’d get a lie
Yet, would I like the words that they hide?




DVERSE wants us to write about secrets for Poetics:  What is Your Secret?  This is very rough  but I am trying to go back to the Pub. 🙂



  1. Excellent writing Imelda and wouldn’t it be nice if people could only be truthful, no matter how much it would hurt. At least you’d know where you stand. Luckily I don’t believe in the ‘friend’ thing. 😀

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