SCARY NIGHT (and Other Stuff) for DVERSE Poets’ Pub

Naked trees tired of holding up the clouds
they fell like broken glass
smashing into the windowpane
The wind howled with abandon
knobby limbs creaked
and like a drunken man
fell to the ground
The eaves shook at the crack of light
splitting the heavens with a mighty roar
piercing screams tore through the night
wild-eyed children sought refuge
under the blanket, folded in the arms
of their mother longing for sleep.



And now, the Other Stuff:

The fruit of my hand is bitter and dark
it fills me with a nagging doubt
where others have succeeded
why have I failed
why is their coffee smoother
than the cup I make?


At the Pub, Bjorn posed the challenge to use  Defamiliarization in writing a poem-response.  Essentially,  Defamiliarization, as I understand it,  is a technique that makes the familiar unfamiliar. 🙂




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