Roller Coaster
I will never muster the courage to be in these angles and to be this steeply angled against the ground. My 5 year old wanted to ride the kiddie plane and had to be accompanied by an adult. “What the heck! It’s just a kiddie plane,” I said as I took the seat beside my son. What do you know? My scream was louder than any of the children’s in the plane ride. While my face was turning white, my son gleefully shook the plane we were in. Sigh!
This little rock, the best one that my struggling graduate student of a fiance could afford then, heralded the changed course of our lives. Even when the gem is round, it, just like other precious/semi-precious stones, was cut at angles to draw out its luster.


11 thoughts on “ANGLE APPEARANCES (for WPC: Angular)

  1. Love your take on the challenge, Imelda. Those kiddy rides can be a bit petrifying even for adults. The angles of your engagement ring. I also had a very tiny rock from my struggling newly postgraduate fiancee. ๐Ÿ™‚

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