HIDDEN (for DVerse Poets Pub)

Coax me out of the shadows
with a sharp knife
tearing into the black veil
behind which I hide.
Here I bleed
and laugh and sing
where no one can see.
Would that I love
yet I do not know how
So solid is my fortress
rejection cannot get in
neither can I go out.
Would the pain that drove me in
be greater than that to set me free?
Yet your eyes are tender
your hands, serene
so I trust.

Over at the Pub, Victoria invites the community to write a poem that is inspired by an art technique. Scratch Art came to mind.  This technique requires scratching the top black layer to reveal the colors beneath.  A visit to the link will not only tell you more about the art  but also show some examples of Scratch painting.   Go drop by the Pub, too, for more responses. 🙂



  1. this was truly an interesting read… I was a little lost in the reading till getting the explanation at the end, then its brilliance came to the fore… love it…

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