yellow tree


I have danced all that I can
until my limbs got tired
and the music faded
with the last echoes of the wind
’til nothing was left but the pregnant stillness
the quiet of waiting.

I have sung all the songs
I can sing with the whistling of the wind
and the voices of the birds
as my accompaniments
until my own voice faded into whispers
and quiet reigned.

I have sheltered all I can shelter
under my canopy
given them shade from the burning sun
kept them dry under the pouring rain
until my shelter was no longer enough
and they all fled
leaving me in the quiet, waiting.

I have listened to young lovers’
whispered pledges of forever
to the silent sighs of weary elders
leaning on my ample pillar for rest
til my own strength ebbs
and flows to their tired limbs
helping them wait for their silent rest.

I have exalted in the sun
and gloried with the wind
cavorted with the rain
I have raised my palms to the sky
and let my bowers quiver
and move in the breeze.

I have done all I can
and all that I should
and yet still give until the very end
when in the colorful blaze
of the last farewell
I plunge into that quiet rest
that will make me new.
Yellow TreesThis poem was written and first posted two years ago here.   I like this piece because it is one of those rare pieces where I do not begrudge autumn for taking summer away. 🙂

Happy Wednesday to you. 🙂


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