INTO THE WATER (for WPC: Descent)


The Duck Race
This photo was taken from a bridge while we were walking around Bangor, ME. This is part of the Penobscot River which cuts across the city.
Maine River
This is my favorite part of I-95S ME. Each time we head home from central Maine, I try to keep myself on the lookout for these islands that dot this part of Kennebunk River. There was a construction going on a little farther down the road. My husband was able to open the windows and slow down the car a little so that I could angle the camera above the bridge railing.


Lake Rico
This is a shot of Lake Rico that is located in a park fifteen minutes away from home. Lake Rico sits at the bottom of a hill. I took this photo before we descended to the lake.
Vermont fields
For a change of pace, here is a shot of a Vermont field while we were traversing an elevated portion of I-89S from Montreal.

FOR WPC:  DESCENT.  Happy blessed weekend to you. 🙂

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