Concord grapes

The grapes ripening on the vine
tease me with their heady scent
A little handful would be fine
but between us stands a fence

barring my covetous hands from
the grapes ripening on the vine.
But they, in many clusters, come!
Surely the neighbors will not mind

a few berries sating my tongue.
Oh, how they shine like amethysts.
The grapes ripening on the vines
are bursting with high summer’s gifts.

They are tempting,   I walk away
from that treasure that is not mine
No fence is needed to keep safe
the grapes ripening on the vine.


For DVERSE’s Open Link Night


Happy Sunday evening, my friends. 🙂

17 thoughts on “TEMPTATION

  1. ah, we reaped a good crop of grape this year…i have plenty of jars of jam if you want some….smiles…they are sure beautiful…love your relating them to little jewels on the vine…

  2. Beautiful poem, Imedla. And as Jmsabbagh said, beautiful imagination. Now I too feel a longing for those grapes of my screen…pity that a computer screen exists between me and them…pity those grapes don’t exist anymore… 😉 Purple grapes are my favourite kind of grapes. That makes your photo and and eating grapes double tempting.

    1. Mabel, if you like the photo, feel free to download it to your PC.
      This grape variety is called Concord Grapes. Yes, the one used for juices and wine. The berries are very sweet (and intoxicating) and fragrant. But it has seeds and chewy skin. In other words, they are not very good for eating, but wonderful for jams and juices. They are quite common in our traditionally Portuguese neighborhood.

  3. Very cute — both with humor and a serious note.
    btw – in American English, we say “on the vine”, not “in the vine”.
    Not sure about the English in your part of the world — there are lot of them.

    1. Oh, imagine that. I replied this morning and it appears it did not get in.

      Anyway, thanks a lot for the correction. I updated my piece right after I saw your comment and replied then, too. Prepositions “in”, “on”, and even “at” often confuse me. Normally, I have my native English speaking husband read through my work for corrections but I did not do that last night. Thanks again.

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