Yellow flowers
Friends are life’s flowers
bringing  summertime
when winter is darkest.

Yellow Daisies

I wish to say thank you to bloggy friends who have shown love to this blog through awards.  I appreciate the honor and kindness a lot.  However, I am so poor at writing about myself  (i.e., thinking of things to tell about myself) that I am not able to accept the awards the way they should be accepted. 🙂   As for tidbits about myself, there are almost always little things about me that  I let out in my posts.  But enough of me.   Instead, let me tell you about these lovely folks:

INES of InesMJPhotography.  Ah, you will never tire of her beautiful images which she accompanies with well thought out and well-written essays.  I am sure you, too, will enjoy her photos and writing.

THE HEART BAG LADY.  Her blog is about bringing awareness to homelessness.  She is an artist and she uses her talent to help and empower those who are in this difficult situation right now.  THrough her posts, we can learn a thing or two about the problems and ways to help.

JENNY of Readsbytheriverbank is an expat mum and writes about and photographs the places she’s been to.  Her blog takes you in a journey through the places she visits as she takes you along her personal journey as well.

Thank you for visiting their pages.  I am sure you will enjoy meeting them. 🙂

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