I HAVE NO MOZARELLA (for DVerse Poets)

Eggplants, parmesan
olive oil, bread crumbs
they are all on hand
also a quart of sauce marinara
I guess I can make eggplant parmigiana
but would provolone work
instead of the required mozarella?
A trip to the store is not an option
No, not this late on a Friday afternoon
I need to make dinner for hungry little mouths
with ingredients I already got
Ah… what’s the worst that could happen
if I change the recipe one bit
provolone, mozarella
they are both from milk
Well, if the picky tummies find it hard to eat
another of their mommy’s experiments
then go to bed they shall
with hunger in their bones
One day they will thank me
my food didn’t make them fat
But if the experiment works
then I learned a new thing
and I do not have to be a slave
to a recipe’s rigid schemes.


Here’s a little tongue-in-cheek response to Tony’s DVerse Meeting the Bar Prompt:  I’ve Got a Little List.   I had no idea what to write until I had to cook for dinner earlier.  Just in case you are wondering, provolone is not a good substitute for mozarella.  The former got a little rubbery as it cooked.  Well, I would not have known that if I did not try, would I? 🙂  Now, you know too.   You’re welcome. 😀

18 thoughts on “I HAVE NO MOZARELLA (for DVerse Poets)

  1. Imelda without you telling me about the provolone not working … I might have made the same mistake…. now if someone can just tell me what is provolone.. sounds almost like chocolate (toblerone) …. lol

    1. Provolone is a mild cheese. It also pulls like the mozarella when heated. But in this recipe, it got very chewy after being heated a long time. I guess it would work fine when under a layer of eggplant or pasta, but not when it was on the top layer.

    1. No, they did not go to bed hungry. They had to eat the food anyway especially if they wanted dessert. If there was anyone who got hungry, it was me. 🙂

  2. Recipes – successful or not – always make good starting points for list poems. And who doesn’t love to spend time in the kitchen?

    Hope the children didn’t got to bed hungry … smiles

  3. Hope it turns out alright, smiles ~ Sometimes cooking for me is making do with leftovers and whatever is left in the pantry or refrigerator, ha ~ This is a lovely response Imelda ~

  4. smiles.. it’s not bad to amend the ingredients of a recipe a bit every once and a while – can be a nice surprise and maybe even a new discovery

    1. NO, it did not. I think aside from the cheese, there were other issues with what I did. For one, the marinara sauce was not too good.

      Now I have a lot of leftover to eat which I am not too eager about. 🙂

  5. This was cute! I substitute ALL the time (apparently I’m quite distracted when I make up my grocery lists). Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. And the kids let me know when it doesn’t 🙂

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