One of my favorite places near our home is the nearby pond. There, I see geese, swans, and gulls playing in the water. During a good year, the place shows all that is great about Fall – brightly colored trees, puffy clouds, noisy birds, all reflected in the water.

Last year was a good time to see them all.
Autumn Pond
I remember being there almost in the middle of the day. I began taking pictures with the sun shining bright above my head. Then, the colors darkened. The clouds rolled in. I went home before the thunderstorms caught me outdoors.
About two weeks ago, I visited the pond. It was a letdown – the water had almost dried up and light green algea covered the surface of the pond. Some geese and gulls played at the far end of the pond, but the swans were not there. I guess, with good reason, too.
Two weeks have passed since that last time. Perhaps, the leaves had turned a brighter color. Perhaps the recent rains filled the pond with fresher water. And maybe, today, the place is as vibrant as I had seen it in previous years.



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